Standard Signal Conditioner for all your Process Needs

Our compact signal conditioner provides straightforward 3-port galvanic isolation and signal conversion for any standard process applications.   With just 6 mm housing it requires a minimal space in the control cabinet. Bright colours are probably not the key feature of your control cabinet. This

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Process Submersible Fitting at its Best!!

With the launch of ARD170 Process Submersible Fitting, measurements of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen have become simpler and more flexible.   The Process Submersible Fitting ARD170 is designed in a such a way that it can be immersed permanently up to 10 metres, ensuring

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Smart Multiparameter Process Analyser

For the first time, all parameters used by commercially available sensors can be processed and read by our just released Smart Multiparameter Process Analyser.   It gives us immense pleasure to launch Stratos Multi – the smart multiparameter process analyser that provides an open platform

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Process Analyzers with Memosens

We offer process analyzers with Memosens – an open technology that offers maximum flexibility. Memosens solves typical problems in fluid analysis through noncontact transmission of measured values, sensor data, and supply voltage. A manufacturer with a diversified product range, Knick goes a step further and

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Process Analyser

In analytical measurement loops consisting of a sensor, fitting, and process analyser (transmitter), the application is crucial to the choice of individual components. By confronting the problems directly where they arise, Knick has been able to gain significant additional knowledge from the close interaction of

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Signal Conditioners – Order Online!

The Knick BasicLine signal conditioners include all standard equipment in the control cabinet. To simplify your process needs, we've made the signal conditioners available online. Simply visit our ALVI Webshop and order online.   Our BasicLine series signal conditioners / isolators boast to be the

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Portable pH Meter with IECEx Certification

Knick Germany manufactures the world’s only IECEx certified portable pH meter .   The IECEx certified portable pH meter is called the Portavo and is available with a range of models & options. The meter is intrinsically safe for use in Zone 0 & 1 applications

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Strain Gauge Signal Converter

Our strain gauge signal converter PolyTrans P32000 comes in a compact & modular 6 mm housing packed with some great features.   The PolyTrans P32000 offers universal usage for simple to challenging measurement tasks from all known temperature sensors, stain gauges or any similar sensors.

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ALVI Technologies launches Online Store

We are proud to launch a webshop for some of our items for sale. The shop is setup to only ship if you live within Australia. If you have any issues with the webshop, please contact us. It can be accessed here: or  The goods

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