High voltage signal conditioner – Knick

Safety-critical surge events such as short circuits in the railway sector can now be detected using The P41000 AG (AG = Adaptive Gain), a high voltage signal conditioner, designed by Knick to measure high overload currents caused by short circuits or overloaded motors in addition

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Space-saving High-voltage Transducer

Introducing the most space-saving High-voltage Transducer P45000, developed by Knick for DC voltage measurement on-board trains for all DC and AC powered rolling stock. It is specifically designed for space-saving and flexible installation (lying or upright; screw fastening or DIN rail mounting) in traction

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Signal multiplier P16800

Accurate speed information is necessary for many systems on rail vehicles. However, there are a limited number of free axle ends and installation spaces for speed sensors, and their sourcing, installation, and maintenance are quite expensive. The P16800 signal multiplier by Knick solves the

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Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N

Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N is a compact, multiparameter measuring device for Memosens and Digital Sensors. Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N  is a space-saving transmitter with Modbus RTU interface in a 17.5 mm modular housing. Available as a 1- or 2-channel version for

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Digital Process Indicators

The digital process indicators provide a bar graph in addition to the digital display. This gives you all information on your process variable at a single glance. Zero, span, and min/max outputs can be adjusted as desired, enabling direct readout of measured values such as

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Multiparameter process analyzer

With the recent version of our Smart Multiparameter Process Analyzer, all parameters utilized by commercially available sensors may now be processed and read. We are really happy to introduce Stratos Multi, a smart multiparameter process analyzer that offers an open platform for sensors of any

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Condition Monitoring of High-Voltage Motors

Ensuring Safety with Temperature Transmitters containing High Electrical Isolation Having an active predictive maintenance campaign in place for large rotating equipment can be a key strategy for maximizing process uptime. With the advent of Industry 4.0, condition monitoring programs that employ the collection and

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Electrical Measurement Solutions for Battery Applications

As electrification becomes more prevalent across many different classes and types of vehicles, the technology that drives its backbone of systems and components continues to advance. This is especially true with batteries, where gains in efficiency, size, charge time, and capacity seem to be

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Pharmaceutical industry solutions- Knick

Lack of quality or delivery bottlenecks due to production problems can have disastrous consequences for drug manufacturing. In order to improve product quality and manufacturing processes, process analysis and standardized controls have been developed by the pharmaceutical industry under the term process analysis technology

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Voltage and Current Measurement for Solar Farms

Introducing Knick – VariTrans P 29000 for Photovoltaic Systems Measurements which is used in Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants. Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants comprise two main components: The PV array made of solar modules for converting the irradiating sun energy into electrical energy. An inverter

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