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The digital process indicators provide a bar graph in addition to the digital display. This gives you all information on your process variable at a single glance.

Zero, span, and min/max outputs can be adjusted as desired, enabling direct readout of measured values such as temperature, power, displacement, pH value etc. The indicator comes with a symbol set for standard engineering units. The symbols can easily be replaced. Thanks to microprocessor technology, you do not require a high-precision external reference current for parameter setting. Even during operation, the settings can be changed without problems.

The digital process indicators are simply inserted into the current loop like passive analog indicators. Since power supplies and their wiring are not required, costs could decisively be reduced, allowing for displays which have been too expensive before. In addition, the reliability has considerably been improved since a power failure in the control room does not interrupt the data flow.


  • Digital indication without power supplies and supply leads
  • No signal interference due to power supply coupling
  • Power failure without effect on indication
  • No parasitic voltages
  • Universal range selection
  • Exchangeable unit symbols
  • Adjustable, floating min/max outputs
  • Optional IP 65
  • Large 23 mm characters
    • 4-digit display
    • Span up to 10,000 counts
    • Display range –9999 to +9999
  • Range overview by integrated bar graph

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