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When it comes to manufacturing in Food & Beverages sector, having the right valve in the right place is essential if things are to run smoothly. Of course it is important to consider whether the valve comes into direct contact with the product or whether it is more indirectly concerned with the process. But while the requirements may vary depending on where a valve is used, they are always high: process-stability, life time, easy maintenance and precise quality control are just a few examples.

Schubert & Salzer valves can be found in traditional bottling plants for beverages and dairy products. They also regulate the steam, hot water, refrigerants, CIP cleaning media or gases which are required for the temperature control, sterilisation, autoclaving, carbonation or pasteurization of different products. And they can often be found in fermentation, smoking, cleaning or drying processes, or in the supply of fresh water or the regulation of brine or waste water.

Types of valves used in Food & Beverages sector

Sliding Gate Control Valve

Media such as steam, hot or cooling water are used in heating, cooling, sterilising, autoclaving or pasteurising processes. Sliding gate valves are ideal when it comes to regulating these media. They are also used for process gases such as air, CO2 or liquid nitrogen. Likewise with very high or very low temperatures, high pressure or when fast cycle times, high control precision or a high rangeability is required.Users appreciate the significantly reduced energy consumption, facilitated through the small actuator and the very short valve stroke of just 6-9 mm.

Aseptic & Hygienic Right Angle Valves

Particularly maintenance-friendly, easy to clean and trimmed for rangeability and control accuracy, the 6051 and 6052 sanitary valves are specialists in sterile processes and, are suitable for shutting off and controlling liquids and gases where it comes down to the highest purity.

Shut Off Valves

Seat valves are ideal when liquid and gaseous media need to be shut off securely and without closing impact.

Pinch Valves

Using Schubert & Salzer pinch valves, sterile media but also solid-bearing, paste-like and abrasive liquids can be reliably shut off and controlled.

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