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In the mining sector, nothing works without the right valve in the right place. The applications are as varied as the requirements placed on the valve: reliable functionality, a long life span, maintenance-friendliness and exact control quality are just a few examples.

Schubert & Salzer provides a wide variety of mining valves for such applications. They are used with abrasive media such as coal dust or ore slurry as well as for washing water in gold and copper mining.

Types of valves used in mining sector

Sliding gate control valves

When it comes to the precise control of liquid and gaseous media, sliding gate valves are particularly suitable. Users appreciate the significantly lower consumption of energy due to the smaller actuating forces and the extremely short valve stroke of just 6 – 9 mm. Typical applications are dosing of air in Flotation cells, controlling water and air on fogging systems for the prevention of dust explosions or for the manufacture of limewash in different concentrations, jet mills for the precise control of milling air, production of salt, and, used in compact control cabinets.

Ball sector valves

Ball sector valves have proved themselves particularly as control valves for abrasive, particle-loaded, dusty, viscous and crystallising media. applications, for example, are con- trolling lime stone, ilmenite or ore slurries, contaminated water with a high lime content when washing metal ores (e.g. gold/copper), as well as groundwater preservation in min- ing. Ball sector valves used as dump valves in separation processes achieve long service lives. In the shale gas environment (coal seam gas) but also in the case GOAF gas, customers appreciate the high level of precision along with maximum KVS values for regulating the pressure in gas extraction and compressor systems. The critical difference here is the extremely high rangeability of the ball sector valves.

On-off valves

Seat valves from the 7010 series are used when liquid and gaseous media have to be shut off safely and without hydraulic shock. In the mining sector, besides air used for pneumatic transport, these are above all gases such as O2, H2, natural gas but also steam, water, diesel, emulsions and chemicals. A special application case is the introduction of ammonium nitrate for boring and blasting processes.

Pinch valves

The type 7078/7079 pinch valves have proven themselves admirably for years under extreme application conditions also with difficult media. Using these valves in the nominal sizes DN15- 50, even liquids with grainy and abrasive particles as well as viscous and pasty media can be reliably shut off and regulated. Typical applications are e.g. the control of lime- wash or barium sulphate.

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