Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N

Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N is a compact, multiparameter measuring device for Memosens and Digital Sensors. Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N  is a space-saving transmitter with Modbus RTU interface in a 17.5 mm modular housing. Available as a 1- or 2-channel version for

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Digital Process Indicators

The digital process indicators provide a bar graph in addition to the digital display. This gives you all information on your process variable at a single glance. Zero, span, and min/max outputs can be adjusted as desired, enabling direct readout of measured values such as

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Differential pressure transmitter

Our Fischer DE90  is a flexible differential pressure sensor that is ideal for any industrial application. It includes additional switch outputs and can detect overpressure, under pressure, and differential pressure in neutral gaseous media. The device may be used only for the purpose specified by

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