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Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N is a compact, multiparameter measuring device for Memosens and Digital Sensors.

Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N  is a space-saving transmitter with Modbus RTU interface in a 17.5 mm modular housing. Available as a 1- or 2-channel version for operation with contactless Memosens sensors as well as the SE 680 digital conductivity sensor and the SE 740 optical oxygen sensor. MemoRail Modbus A1405 N offers the option to calibrate the sensors directly on site using the Modbus. A variety of calibration procedures is available for the various parameters. MemoRail Modbus is an attractively priced solution in process analytics and optimally suited for use in industries like pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, water treatment plant, power generation, etc.


Facts and Features

  • Slim modular housing with 17.5 mm width
  • Memosens communication
  • 1- and 2-channel version
  • With pH/ORP combo sensors, measurement of up to four process values simultaneously plus temperature
  • Modbus RTU protocol with standard RS-485 interface
  • Up to 32 devices in parallel on a Modbus master
  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • Easy to use


Versatile Functionality

The compact multi-parameter analyzer supports a variety of process variables:

  • pH
  • ORP
  • Contacting conductivity
  • Inductive conductivity
  • Amperometric oxygen
  • Optical oxygen
  • Temperature

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