Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N

Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N is a compact, multiparameter measuring device for Memosens and Digital Sensors. Knick MemoRail Modbus A 1405 N  is a space-saving transmitter with Modbus RTU interface in a 17.5 mm modular housing. Available as a 1- or 2-channel version for

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Memosens ph/orp sensor

Use the revolutionary, Contactless, Digital, and Reliable Memosens ph/orp sensor technology for liquid analysis to reduce maintenance costs and extend sensor life. The measured signals are transmitted without physical contact using an inductive connector system. Memosens ph/orp sensor are completely waterproof and resistant to dirt,

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Multiparameter process analyzer

With the recent version of our Smart Multiparameter Process Analyzer, all parameters utilized by commercially available sensors may now be processed and read. We are really happy to introduce Stratos Multi, a smart multiparameter process analyzer that offers an open platform for sensors of any

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Smart Multiparameter Process Analyser

For the first time, all parameters used by commercially available sensors can be processed and read by our just released Smart Multiparameter Process Analyser.   It gives us immense pleasure to launch Stratos Multi – the smart multiparameter process analyser that provides an open platform

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Dual Channel Multiparameter Analyzer with Modbus

With the increasing demand for a compact and flexible solution to liquid analysis –ALVI Technologies has responded with a new twist in the existing MemoRail. We are pleased to announce the release of our new MemoRail Modbus A1405 N- Dual Channel Multiparameter Analyzer with Modbus 

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