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With the increasing demand for a compact and flexible solution to liquid analysis –ALVI Technologies has responded with a new twist in the existing MemoRail. We are pleased to announce the release of our new MemoRail Modbus A1405 N- Dual Channel Multiparameter Analyzer with Modbus  that offers an optimal solution for integrating a compact, flexible, all digital analyzer in an extremely cost-effective manner !!



Our Dual Channel Multiparameter Analyzer with Modbus can be used with Memosens and digital sensors such as pH (glass and IsFET), ORP (redox), oxygen, and conductivity (conductive and inductive).  It’s also the only analyzer in its class that is suitable for use with a digital optical oxygen sensor.  All sensor types can be used in any combination in the dual-channel version.


MemoRail Modbus provides a complete digital loop.  The end-user benefits from:

The power of Memosens sensors
a) Noise” is eliminated due to complete galvanic isolation and the inductive connection
b) Offline calibration
c) Enhanced sensor diagnostics (Wear factor, Lifetime calculator, etc.)

Modbus RTU communication
a) Calibration can be performed directly from the end-user PLC or HMI
b) Sensor diagnostics can be displayed on HMI
c) 32 transmitters (up to 64 sensors) can be connected to one Modbus master



Dual Channel Multiparameter Analyzer with Modbus is a 17.5mm wide DIN-rail mounted analyzer. This means you can collect data from up to 64 sensors from only 560mm (22”) of DIN rail!

Since calibration can now be done offline or directly from your HMI, you no longer need the traditional analyzer display. This means no more additional cut-outs in your panel.


A promise for a cost-effective solution

Is it possible you can reduce ownership cost while improving performance?  With MemoRail Modbus, it’s a guarantee!


Please click here to download the complete datasheet

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