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Use the revolutionary, Contactless, Digital, and Reliable Memosens ph/orp sensor technology for liquid analysis to reduce maintenance costs and extend sensor life.

The measured signals are transmitted without physical contact using an inductive connector system. Memosens ph/orp sensor are completely waterproof and resistant to dirt, corrosion, salt bridges, and interference potentials due to their perfect galvanic isolation!

Memosens ensures maximum availability and lower maintenance requirements at the point of measurement by using pre-calibrated sensors.

MemoSuite software allows for simple calibration of Memosens sensors in the lab, allowing you to replace your sensors in a matter of seconds. Extensive diagnostics functions allow you to track sensor operating time, sensor wear, remaining lifetime, maximum temperature, and calibration and adjustment data. As a result of the long sensor life, Memosens technology can reduce not only process downtimes but also maintenance costs.

Memosens is now widely used in all types of process industries because it is capable of meeting all critical challenges for analytical measurements.

We have a wide range of Memosens devices and sensors for digital liquid analysis, with unique solutions even for complex measurement situations.

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