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Safety-critical surge events such as short circuits in the railway sector can now be detected using The P41000 AG (AG = Adaptive Gain), a high voltage signal conditioner, designed by Knick to measure high overload currents caused by short circuits or overloaded motors in addition to regular currents. This eliminates the need for an additional transducer as well as an additional measuring channel for a downstream control device to measure these overload currents.

The transmission characteristics of the P41000 AG are divided into two areas to detect both regular and overload currents. The first section represents the nominal gain range in regular operation with 0 to 100% of the rated current from 4 to 16 mA. The second part is the overload range of 100 to 1100 percent of the rated current, which is converted to 16 to 24 mA at the P41000 AG output.

The P41000 AG’s special transmission function is aimed at applications where overcurrents have not yet been measured for cost reasons or only with considerable effort – for example, with an additional transducer. The device is suitable for use in railway substations, for example.

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