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Accurate speed information is necessary for many systems on rail vehicles. However, there are a limited number of free axle ends and installation spaces for speed sensors, and their sourcing, installation, and maintenance are quite expensive.

The P16800 signal multiplier by Knick solves the need as it doubles the signals of a speed sensor. It detects pulses from speed sensors and transmits them to the output with the required characteristics while keeping them electrically isolated from one another. The sensor signals are processed by the P16800’s inputs without any involvement. The product can be used in both industrial and rolling stock applications. It decouples signals from single or dual-channel speed sensors in a functionally safe and non-interacting manner. If required, the signal can be converted from a current signal to a voltage signal or from a voltage signal to a current signal. Optionally, the frequency at the output can be reduced compared to the input at a ratio of 2:1, 4:1, or 8:1.

The device is the ideal solution for retrofitting rail vehicles. It helps to quickly and cost-effectively implement the extensive requirements for odometry that result from the European standardized train control system ETCS.

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