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Introducing Knick – VariTrans P 29000 for Photovoltaic Systems Measurements which is used in Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants.

Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants comprise two main components:

  • The PV array made of solar modules for converting the irradiating sun energy into electrical energy.
  • An inverter system that converts the direct current of the solar module and couples it into the AC grid.

These large inverters have a capacity of approximately 500 kW and can be modularly equipped up to the megawatt range.

The challenge for solar plant operators is to find the ideal balance between producing the highest possible energy yield at the lowest feasible cost while maintaining safety, reliability, and efficiency.

To detect malfunctions and to control power output, currents and voltages are measured on the DC side. To protect both the operating personnel and the control and evaluation systems from the above-mentioned system voltages, the measurement system must be properly isolated. Protective separation is achieved through double insulation, which guarantees a safety margin of 100 percent.

VariTrans P 29000 are compact high-voltage isolators with safe galvanic isolation, VariPower broad-range power supply and genuine calibrated range selection.

This series is designed specifically to measure voltages up to 1000 V AC/DC. The test voltage is 5.4 kV AC. Protection against electric shock is achieved through protective separation according to EN 61140 between input and output and power supply up to 600 V AC/DC.

Comes with a low-cost assembly and 5-year warranty.

More info here: Knick – VariTrans P 29000

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