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Introducing the most space-saving High-voltage Transducer P45000, developed by Knick for DC voltage measurement on-board trains for all DC and AC powered rolling stock.

It is specifically designed for space-saving and flexible installation (lying or upright; screw fastening or DIN rail mounting) in traction inverters and auxiliary power converters. The P45000 has mechanical and electrical interfaces that are common in the rail industry, allowing it to be used without major design changes.

The device is intended for DC voltage measurements up to 4500 V DC and AC voltage measurements up to 3000 V AC with a type test voltage of up to 20 kV AC. It is thus appropriate for measurements on DC intermediate circuits and DC inputs in rail vehicle drive systems.

Application includes the monitoring and control of traction motors or the monitoring of DC link voltage in traction power converters or on-board power converters. The voltage measurement input is highly isolated from output and auxiliary power. The current output is compatible with commercially available control inputs.

For the first time, applications with functional safety requirements can be properly carried out. The high-voltage transmitter is certified for use in SIL2 systems and, redundantly, SIL3. Thus, for example, the presence of dangerously high voltages can be reliably detected.

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