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When it comes to temperature measurement in any process plant, pt100 is the most widely used sensor. For high voltage applications pt100 sensors are generally insulated. However, over a period of time this insulation is weakened by thermal and mechanical aging. The breakdown of isolation adds to the risk of sensors becoming stressed by high potential and hence the safety of the personnel and downstream system is at risk. For this reason, EN 61140 requires a second, equivalent and adequate isolation barrier for “protection under single-fault conditions” in addition to protection against electric shock. Knick has taken on the problem and closed this vulnerability by designing a temperature transmitter for high voltage application. The result is our new release ProLine P44000. The extremely high galvanic isolation of P 44000 temperature transmitter provides protection in the event of rare insulation defects that cannot be excluded and ensures interference-free transmission of temperature information to the control panel even with long cables.


The transmitters of the ProLine 44000 series provide measuring ranges of 0 to 150 °C, 0 to 200 °C and 0 to 300 °C for all typical motor temperatures and achieve a high accuracy of typically ± 0.5 K. Pt100 sensors can be connected in 2-, 3- and 4-wire circuits. Despite the high isolation, the transmitters in the 67.5 mm wide modular housing have very compact dimensions. The vacuum encapsulation ensures mechanical stability and high insensitivity against external influences. In addition, due to their durability in ambient temperatures of -40 to+85 °C, the devices can be used in extreme conditions. Unstable power supplies or reversed polarity do not affect the function of the transmitters. For medium insulation requirements at working voltages of up to 2 kVAC/DC (motors up to 3 kV AC), a narrow version of the P 44000 is available at Knick in a 22.5 m wide modular housing. Appropriate Model code can be selected to suit your requirement.


An excellent video produced by Knick on the P44000 temperature transmitter for high voltage applications can be viewed by clicking


Fields of Application:

ProLine P44000  can be used in motors for pumps, blowers, compressors, mills, shredders, generators in any of the industries as below:

  • Chemistry
  • Oil & gas
  • Water / wastewater
  • Steel mills / steelworks
  • Power plants
  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Traffic engineering (marine)
  • Other machinery and plant engineering sectors
  • Railway applications



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