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Our strain gauge signal converter PolyTrans P32000 comes in a compact & modular 6 mm housing packed with some great features.


The PolyTrans P32000 offers universal usage for simple to challenging measurement tasks from all known temperature sensors, stain gauges or any similar sensors. It’s equipped with rotary and DIP switches for easy configuration without the need of any additional tools. It automatically detects the sensor connection (2-,3- or 4-wire). Being only 6 mm wide it needs a minimal space in the control cabinet. It Can quickly and easily be mounted on a DIN Rail with a connection of power supply via DIN rail bus connectors.


The PolyTrans P 32000 comes with a SIL approval for applications with high demands on functional safety. It also has a KTA approval for nuclear establishments.


With high accuracy, universal usability, modular housing and a low-cost assembly – our PolyTrans P32000 Strain Gauge Signal Converter is second to none.


For further information, please visit our website at PolyTrans P32000 or e-mail us.

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