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With the launch of ARD170 Process Submersible Fitting, measurements of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen have become simpler and more flexible.


The Process Submersible Fitting ARD170 is designed in a such a way that it can be immersed permanently up to 10 metres, ensuring safe measurements. The built-in diving weight prevents floating, and the fitting is additionally stabilized for use in light currents. The integrated protective cage for glass sensors and the resistant shaft material allows for use in harsh environments.


The ARD170 is very light and compact and hence it is ideal for mobile use. Because of its low weight it does not require a separate rope, but can be recovered using the cable. The Memosens plug-in head also enables easy replacement of the sensors. Combined with the Portavo portable measuring device, it creates a high-quality, safe measuring system.


For further information, please visit our website at ARD170. The ARD 170 submersible fitting allows a Memosens sensor to be safely inserted into liquid media. It can be used in tanks, boilers, or basins, as well as open channels with flow. Have got similar application? Contact us

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