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In analytical measurement loops consisting of a sensor, fitting, and process analyser (transmitter), the application is crucial to the choice of individual components. By confronting the problems directly where they arise, Knick has been able to gain significant additional knowledge from the close interaction of customer know-how and the experience and expertise of its own employees.


Knick began by addressing the most complicated applications with the greatest challenges, and resulted in the Protos series analysers. We are soon going to launch our new process analyser under Protos series. Our February edition newsletter speaks in detail about our new Protos II 4400. Please download our newsletter to find out more….

February Edition Newsletter


The other side to the field device is the transmission of measuring and control signals to the control room. In order to achieve optimum signal quality and for safety reasons the signal requires electrical isolation. Also, the signal at times need to be converted as per the controller input specification. Knick offers signal converters and isolators for everyday process applications as well as for demanding applications. Choosing the right isolator for your daily process application is simple – to make this process faster, we have introduced an online platform ALVI webshop – where our customers can place the order for the right isolator with an ease. Our newsletter explains ALVI webshop in brief.


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