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Non-Conductive Liquid Leak Detection for fluids such as petrol, diesel, kerosene etc. is often required in many industrial and environmental applications. Being non-conductive in nature, to sense and detect the presence of leak is a special challenge. ALVI proudly presents Jola OWE2/C that can be used in variety of Non-Conductive Liquid Leak Detection applications and at the same time can minimize health, safety and environmental risks.


Jola OWE2/C is designed to signal the presence of non-conductive medium, caused for example, by burst pipes.


Most of the storage facilities in process industries, where spills are common, use bund as a part of spill containment system. Bund is a constructed retaining wall around storage providing a barrier to an unintended escape of material until remedial action is taken. For an effective and early detection, selecting a right sensor and positioning it at a right measurement point is quite important.  Jola OWE2/C detectors are placed under the tanks or pipes or on the bund floor. It can sense and detect the layer of about 2 to 3 ml!! An alarm activation is required to trigger further corrective action. Jola OWE2/C must be used with Jola Leckmaster 101 switching relay module. The varios operating status on the switching module are shown by coloured LEDs. Thus an early detection of the spill/leakage can trigger timely countermeasures avoiding any further damage


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