AIRAH Industry Night – DARWIN

Are you a part of HVAC&R Industry? Then, here is s great opportunity to see the latest developments in HVAC&R industries and broaden your network at AIRAH Industry Night - DARWIN   AIRAH industry nights gives HVAC&R suppliers the opportunity to showcase their latest products

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Reliable, Low-Cost Differential Pressure Switch – ALVI Technologies

Our Low-Cost Differential Pressure switch is the trusted solution when it comes to reliable differential pressure measurements. Our customers have been using it since decades and it is still delivering the accurate measurements – Never had any failure !   In association with Fischer, Germany,

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Cleanroom Display EA16 indicates up to four measured values at the same time!

Thanks to the Cleanroom Display EA16 that monitors and clearly indicates the environment in the workplace. Cleanrooms are widely used where products need to be protected against contamination from airborne particles. Our EA16 comes with a configurable 3.5” display that indicates up to four measuring

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Process Analyzers with Memosens

We offer process analyzers with Memosens – an open technology that offers maximum flexibility. Memosens solves typical problems in fluid analysis through noncontact transmission of measured values, sensor data, and supply voltage. A manufacturer with a diversified product range, Knick goes a step further and

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The New Multi-Channel Differential Pressure Transmitter soon to be Launched!

Our Multi-Channel Differential Pressure Transmitter DE90 is soon to be launched. It promises to be bigger, better and beyond your expectations!   It is equipped with all the standard features such as High measuring accuracy and repeatability Easy operation and parameterisation Safety Combined with reliability

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Non-Conductive Liquid Leak Detection

Non-Conductive Liquid Leak Detection for fluids such as petrol, diesel, kerosene etc. is often required in many industrial and environmental applications. Being non-conductive in nature, to sense and detect the presence of leak is a special challenge. ALVI proudly presents Jola OWE2/C that can be

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SIL3 Rated Signal Isolators

The demand for Functional Process Safety applications is growing within process and automation industry. This growth has been driven by increased awareness of hazards to the mankind, assets and the environment. Since the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards for functional safety came into effect,

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Loop-Powered Signal Isolator

Loop-Powered Signal Isolator is used for various applications in any process industry. Loop-Powered Signal Isolator is used to eliminate measurement errors caused by difference in potential.   Our Signal Isolators from BasicLine series includes low-cost, high quality signal isolators for all standard applications. The BasicLine’s

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Multi Parameter Process Analyser

With the Stratos MS, Alvi Technologies can now offer reasonably priced Multi parameter process analyser - a purely digital version of Stratos Analyser  that is designed for Memosens sensors and  can be configured to measure pH, ORP, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen!!   The unique interface

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Level Measurement for Fuel Oil Tank

Why measure Fuel Oil Level?   Precise control of level measurement for fuel oil tank is crucial in many applications. In process plants fuel oil is delivered to the storage tanks and then is transferred to process or may be a smaller day tank. It

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