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Knick Germany, one of the inventors of Memosens (together with Endres + Hauser) have a full range of probes for various applications in the pH, Conductivity or Dissolved Oxygen fields.


The SE515/1-MS 120mm long Memosens pH Probe for Waste Water is an ideal candidate for waste water & water treatment applications.


Thanks to its ground-glass sleeve junction even applicable in heavily contaminated media. High stability and a long life cycle are achieved by the special design. Through a ground-glass sleeve junction the reference system is in direct contact with the measured medium. There is hardly any risk of contamination or blocking of the junction. Measurement is possible even at low temperatures thanks to a special low-impedance glass.


The SE515/1-MS Memosens pH Probe for Waste Water is designed to be used with the Knick MemoRail DIN-Rail mount analyser.

The perfect system for economical measurement, combined with the countless benefits of Memosens!

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