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Signal Converters and Isolators are critical components in any process application. Signal conversions are required to convert and filter the signal to a level that a PLC or DCS can read. When measuring high voltages, galvanic isolation between input, output, and power supply is required to ensure the safety of the plant and personnel.

ALVI Technologies understands the demand for Signal Converters and Isolators for a wide range of applications and offers a comprehensive portfolio of isolators to meet the needs of both everyday applications and a diverse range of high-end applications.

Where good enough is sufficient, we offer isolators from the BasicLine, which include all standard equipment in the control cabinet. BasicLine series isolators are compact and come in plain black and white with a low price.

Our ProLine series is the solution for demanding and critical applications that require maximum reliability. The ProLine series offers critical advantages for applications that require high levels of isolation, signal transmission speed, and long-term stability. With SIL, Marine (GL), and Nuclear (KTA) certification, the ProLine series can be used in a wide range of applications. The intelligent circuitry in the ProLine reduces failure rates and achieves MTBF values of up to 1030 years. Careful product development, extensive design verifications, and 100% routine tests ensure high quality.

We have the solution whether you need a signal converter for a simple application or a signal isolator for a complex application.

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