3-Port Galvanic isolation

3-Port Galvanic Isolation advantages in measurement technology? Galvanic isolation is used for safety and measurement accuracy. It prevents electric current from flowing between two isolated circuits. This provides safety, especially in high voltage applications, for both control systems and personnel. Additionally, galvanic isolation in high-voltage

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Converters and Isolators

Signal Converters and Isolators are critical components in any process application. Signal conversions are required to convert and filter the signal to a level that a PLC or DCS can read. When measuring high voltages, galvanic isolation between input, output, and power supply is required

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Voltage and Current Measurement for Solar Farms

Introducing Knick – VariTrans P 29000 for Photovoltaic Systems Measurements which is used in Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants. Modern photovoltaic (PV) plants comprise two main components: The PV array made of solar modules for converting the irradiating sun energy into electrical energy. An inverter

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