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Clean rooms are installed and managed where products needs to be protected against airborne contamination. Clean rooms are equipped with suitable ventilation systems that creates a pressure cascade depending on the classification of the clean room. Such clean rooms are found in many industries such as pharmaceutical industry, medical engineering, aerospace engineering as well as in clinical environments such as research and safety laboratories. Clean Room monitoring helps to maintain  the healthy environment within the room that is required by the product.


Depending on the product, the building control system needs to maintain room temperature and humidity at certain levels. This necessitates the requirement for sensors that measures, records and controls  this variables for building control system. For certain clean rooms, disinfection of the rooms with H2O2 or formalin is mandated, making it necessary for a suitable isolation devices to be installed around the measuring instruments. To maintain the clean room, the following variables needs to be measured and controlled:

  • Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Humidity


While selecting an appropriate sensor, the user needs to consider the design aspects of the clean rooms that may require sensors with

  • Comfortable User prompts
  • Some instruments with extended proofs (SIL, GL, structural testing, etc)
  • Industry-compliant equipment for housings and process connection
  • Special instrument with colour-change display for visualization of operating conditions


ALVI Technologies has developed special measuring instruments, isolation devices and room pressure sensors for clean room monitoring applications. We can offer individual concept solutions and a perfectly tailored range of products to suit your application. Our measuring instruments guarantees the highest degree of precision with long-lasting repeatability.


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