Humidity Measurement

Presenting our FT90 from Fischer Pro-Line - For Humidity measurement along with Temperature and optional Differential Pressure measurement. The FT90 is suitable for the measurement of humidity and temperature in neutral gaseous media. Optionally, the device can be used to measure the pressure, negative

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor FT90

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product FT90 – Temperature and Humidity Sensor.   The new temperature and humidity sensor FT90 offers maintenance-free process monitoring and is ideal for clean room monitoring. It offers any measurement of humidity from 0-100% rH

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Cleanroom Display EA16 indicates up to four measured values at the same time!

Thanks to the Cleanroom Display EA16 that monitors and clearly indicates the environment in the workplace. Cleanrooms are widely used where products need to be protected against contamination from airborne particles. Our EA16 comes with a configurable 3.5” display that indicates up to four measuring

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Clean Room monitoring

Clean rooms are installed and managed where products needs to be protected against airborne contamination. Clean rooms are equipped with suitable ventilation systems that creates a pressure cascade depending on the classification of the clean room. Such clean rooms are found in many industries such

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