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3-Port Galvanic Isolation advantages in measurement technology?

Galvanic isolation is used for safety and measurement accuracy. It prevents electric current from flowing between two isolated circuits. This provides safety, especially in high voltage applications, for both control systems and personnel.

Additionally, galvanic isolation in high-voltage transducers enables accurate measurements by reducing electrical noise and interference.

In Knick transducers and signal converters, all 3 ports – input, output, and power supply circuits, are galvanically isolated from each other. This means that both input and output circuits can be connected to high-voltage sources, when necessary to satisfy a critical application, such as what is seen in Power Hardware in Loop (P-HIL) testing.

This sets Knick’s products apart from those of many other manufacturers, where the output signal is galvanically connected to the auxiliary power source – meaning additional circuitry is often required to ensure safety and reliable operation.

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