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Alvi Technologies comes up with yet another innovative product series : ProLine P50000 – The new series of high voltage and current transducer offers high precision and is specifically designed for applications on locomotives, monitoring and control of traction motors and inverters, auxiliary inverters, accumulator batteries , etc


The voltage and current transducer comes with a housing protection up to IP54. Its design offers a high resistant against vibration and mechanical shock. Higher safety and flexibility achieved through a new housing concept and conformity to all relevant railway standards including fire and smoke regulations makes it an ideal choice for use in substations and railway vehicle applications.


Voltage and current transducer ProLine P50000 series features voltage measurement up to 4200V with calibrated switching of up to 10 input ranges with a very low measurement error :< 0.1 % of meas. value + 0.1 % f.s.


The three port isolation between input, output and power supply comes as a standard with an Integrated broad-range power supply  24 to 230 (253) V DC/AC.


It offers simplified installation due to push-in terminals for output and power supply.


For further information, please visit our website at: Voltage and current transducer ProLine 51000 and Voltage and current transducer ProLine 52000

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