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We were recently awarded an order for a SIL2 Resistance converter for a winder control application The model used was P32300-1. Using this SIL2 Resistance Converter, 0-100KOhms resistance input was converted to 4-20mA. Apart from this signal conversion, the application also demanded a suitable product that complied with SIL2 rating for a complete SAFE System. For further information on our SIL2 Resistance converter, please click:


In many industrial processes the winders are an integral part of the overall system. The general process parameters that are measured and controlled in winder applications are speed, position, torque, tension, temperature etc. Apart from this in today’s automation world, it is critically important that when something goes wrong the machinery is quickly and safely brought to a safe state avoiding any further damage to the plant or personnel. So, when choosing the appropriate sensor, the engineer or the system integrator’s responsibility is to design a complete system that is SAFE and comply with relevant standards.


ALVI Technologies is a market leader when it comes to signal conversion along with high galvanic isolation. Our isolators can be used when standard analog signals need to be processed for evaluating torque, speed, etc. of the winders. They can also be used in the electrical control cabinet when measuring electrical energy (Voltage and Current) produced via electric motors.


Functional Safety is achieved by identifying and reducing the risks to the acceptable level. The use of the certified devices simplifies the design and the validation of a safety System. Since we have isolators that are certified for SIL3 applications, they can be used to achieve a given safety level, increasing your productivity without any additional risks.


For further information on the complete range of our SIL3 isolators and converters, please visit:


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