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Signal Isolators and Converters are a crucial part of process control system offering signal chain solutions for various process applications. Process signals are measured and controlled as part of a continuous or batch production process. These signals are often found in processes that involve harsh industrial environments. Such industrial processes often require that these signals are able to be accurately transmitted over long distances. Analog Signal Isolators and Converters are used wherever process variables such as temperature, pressure, level, flow, weight, speed, etc. are measured and controlled as part of a continuous or batch production process. Analog Signal Conditioners help to prevent these measurements from being degraded on their way from the field to the control room by providing protection from external influences. With our BasicLine series, we are setting a new standard for signal isolators and converters.


Bright colours are probably not the key feature of your control cabinet. This is why we kept our new Basicline in plain black-and-white and the price nice and low!


BasicLine BL570

offers  Universal DC voltage and current measurement with 480 switchable calibrated ranges.


BasicLine BL513

The mains-powered isolator for standard signals.


BasicLine BL510

This compact signal Isolator provides straightforward galvanic isolation and signal conversion in standard applications.


BasicLine BL560

This repeater power supply is used in safe areas for supplying 2-wire sensors with signal decoupling.


BasicLine BL541/BL542

This extremely compact, accurate and reliable loop-powered isolator requires no external source – while ensuring the best quality.


BasicLine BL530

This load and signal doubler provides two galvanically isolated current outputs which can each drive a load of 400 ohms or 800 ohms when connected in series.


BasicLine BL520

This flexible temperature transmitter with range selection measures temperature using standard platinum sensors and thermocouples.


BasicLine BL550

This extremely compact set-point alarm relay with changeover output contacts monitors and controls process variables with maximum reliability.


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