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Pumps of all sizes are used throughout the process industries to transfer a wide range of fluids. Often the pump system within each process runs at a high cost. Hence pump monitoring is very crucial as it can protect the pump from serious damage and prevent even greater operation losses.


The pump’s performance can be measured by differential pressure between the suction and discharge nozzle. The differential pressure would indicate how well a pump is performing as well as it would point out the areas to improve its performance. Reducing the pressure loss within each process reduces the need for larger expensive pump and would help creating a better end product.


Our differential transmitter DE39 in its version with a LC display offers the possibility of displaying the inlet pressure P-, the outlet pressure P+, the differential pressure dP, and the volume flow. The volume flow can be calculated by the unit and the can be assigned to the analog output signal. This output signal in turn can control the pump by regulating the flow with the speed adjustments. The second output signal is proportional to the pressure and can be assigned to either suction or discharge pressure. Both potential free switch contacts can be freely assigned to either channel. Irregular operating conditions can be read on the display or can be assessed by two analog output signals and appropriate corrective actions can be taken.


Thus monitoring the performance of the pump improves it’s efficiency, helps to run the pump with very little maintenance for decades and reduces overall operation cost.


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