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SF6 is widely used in electrical industries. It is also used in some medical and military applications. In order to reliably operate plants with SF6, specialised monitoring equipment is needed. Our MA13 can be used as a pressure gauge for SF6. Besides, Many plants demand for a safety meter as per accident prevention regulations. The characteristics of a safety meter are:


  • Housing rear panel can blow out
  • Window made of laminated safety glass
  • Break-proof separating plate between measuring element and dial


Our MA13 pressure gauge for SF6 complies with the requirement of a safety meter and accurately provides a mechanical indication of SF6 pressure within a range of 0.6 to 600 bar.


The display accuracy of MA13 is categorised as class 1.0. The MA13 is suitable for pipe mounting installations and adapters to different thread diameters can be supplied as per the process requirement. It can also be supplied with suitable accessories for panel as well as wall mounting. It’s rugged design with IP65 rating offers long and trouble free life. Many installations where vibrations and pressure fluctuations are apparent, the housing can be filled with damping fluid. It can also be supplied with in-built contacts to allow for alarm functions.


MA13 can be used for many other applications in the industries as:

  • Chemical Industries
  • Process Industries
  • Mechanical Industries
  • Environmental technology


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