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pH measurements for wastewater treatment has a significant impact on the makeup of waste water. Waste water treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into a suitable medium that can either be returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental concerns or reused. Waste water may be generated by homes, businesses and industries. Depending upon the whether the treated water is to be disposed and where it has to be disposed OR to be reused – the type of treatment is decided. Apart from that state and federal compliance the environmental issues needs to be considered before selecting the right process for water treatment.


The various stages of wastewater treatment includes physical, chemical and biological processes. During this processes, one of the many parameters that needs to be controlled and maintained is pH. our SE515 pH sensor provides pH measurements for wastewater treatment during its various stages.


With Our SE515, the wastewater treatment process can be reliably and continuously monitored  and necessary pH adjustments can be done as required. The special design of SE 515 offers high stability and long life cycle. Because of its ground-glass sleeve junction it can be used in heavily contaminated medium. Through a ground-glass sleeve junction the reference system is in direct contact with the measured medium. There is hardly any risk of contamination or blocking of the junction. Measurement is possible even at low temperatures – thanks to a special low-impedance glass. The SE515 with Memosens offers perfect galvanic isolation.


With a Low maintenance (no refilling of electrolyte) and reasonably priced, the SE515 is an ideal selection for maintaining pH for  wastewater treatment.


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