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Alvi Technologies takes pride in offering MSR-Traffic’s Parking Navigation Sensor technology that not only enables counting of vehicles, but also detects vehicles on single parking spaces, be it indoor or outdoor.


The sensors and controllers reliably detects vehicles, offer a variety of mounting options, comes with a very low maintenance and a long life time.


On Street Parking Navigation for Outdoor:

With the innovative magnetic field sensor technology, you can guide car drivers to the next free parking space via GPS navigation or modern dynamic parking guidance systems. These sensors are weather-resistant and offers a very high accuracy.


Off-Street Parking Navigation in Buildings:

MSR Traffic ultrasonic sensors with integrated space lights are installed within the lane from where they can detect the occupancy status of single parking spaces and transmit the received signals (occupied/vacant) to the zone control and displays via a serial interface.


Displays and Totems with LED Technology:

The dynamic LED displays by Alvi Technologies complement the product portfolio and gives you the opportunity to obtain all the necessary systems for traffic guidance from one provider.


The MSR-Traffic range of products have a class of its own  and stand for its reliability, security, innovation and affordability. We would be happy to assist you with any of your Traffic navigation enquiry. Please e-mail us for further information or visit our website at : Traffic Navigation

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