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Multi-storey car parks are an integral part of any major construction development in retail or in any entertainment sectors. Multi storey car parks are generally found at railway stations, airports, hospitals and in city centres. Car park is the first place where most of the visitors come into contact with. Thanks to MSR-Traffic parking guidance system- it has designed the smart parking guidance system that not only looks attractive, but is also is time saving and environment friendly.


Each parking space is equipped with ultrasonic sensors .It precisely detects the presence or absence of any vehicles on the particular spot and it informs the driver accordingly at a distance via the dynamic LED display. Thus in turn helps the drivers in navigation to the available parking spot. Afterwards, the system and its individual components can be comfortably analysed and remote-controlled from anywhere in the world with the ParkGard® Control Centre, a web-based user surface.


MSR has taken utmost care to provide a system that is energy saving and environment friendly. Each parking lot has natural ventilation. In addition, energy-efficient lamps of the latest generation and are used. Also due to the smart parking guidance system, most of the usual traffic caused by drivers looking for free parking spaces will be a thing of the past, and there will be less CO2 emissions. The parking guidance  system of MSR-Traffic is currently being installed with minimum installation efforts and the costs will be paid off within a short time. The system also offers a high level of accuracy with regard to correctly detecting empty parking spaces, making an exact real-time data-compilation and monitoring of all parking spaces possible.


MSR Traffic alongwith MSR Electronic can provide a complete package of parking guidance system including car park gas detection.


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