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Our Oil Leakage Detector (Floating Electrode) from Jola Germany is an excellent equipment for installation in waste water holding tanks. Up to a depth of 3–4 mm, the device can detect floating oil on top of a water tank.

Because most oils have a lower specific gravity than water, the oil rises to the surface. The Jola Oil Leak Detector notices this oily layer floating on top, and an alarm is triggered beyond the 3–4mm level.

The four floats of Oil Leakage Detector assists in keeping it on the surface and allowing it to automatically rise and fall in accordance with the tank’s level. Unlike some other devices, the sensor does not need to be fixed at a specific level.

There is also a special “ILS” version for tanks that might occasionally be completely dry. The alarm usually sounds when a tank is dry. There are many float materials available, including stainless steel and PP.

For hazardous installations, it is also available with European ATEX certification.

It’s a fantastic tool that complies with both Sydney Water’s requirements and local EPA standards.

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