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A Data Centre is a facility used to centralize an organisation’s IT operations and equipment – where it stores, manages and disseminates its data. For the continuity of daily operations for any business, it’s vital for a Data Centre to run efficiently at all times. One of the most important threats for Data Centre may be cyber-attacks. However, environmental factors like moisture can be equally devastating to equipment, and thus to a company’s operation.Moisture Detection for Data Centre aids in detecting a slow failure of the physical environment.


The network of Data Centre is quite complex and apart from IT equipment and cables, it has a mix of different types of cooling equipment and power systems creating a need for energy monitoring .The Data Centre operates at its best within a specific moisture envelope Moisture detection is one of the most fundamental protection for Data Centres.


Our Jola Series FTS/KO-1 film sensor is a PCB film which can be stuck to a copper pipe or an even metal surface.. The sensor acts as a conductivity measuring cell. The sensor is available with connected 3-metre long thin white wire. Other connecting lengths are available on request. Assess the most critical area and install the film sensor in the cooling system where moisture is most probably expected to occur.


The Film sensor is connected to KUR 5 cooling ceiling controller. The KUR 5 ceiling controller measures the moisture between the conductors of the sensor and switches the built-in output relay when a set sensitivity level is reached. The unit is designed for switch cabinet mounting or installation in a suitable protective housing.
Moisture Detection for Data Centre ensures organization’s requirement is met and avoids any costly consequences.


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