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Our innovative product MemoRail for Memosens liquid analysis is the first genuinely compact analyser for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, Oxygen and Temperature.


MemoRail – a product with Memosens liquid analysis, in true sense is a compact device as it comes in a highly space saving modular housing that is only 12.5 mm wide!! With this narrow modular housing, MemoRail is perfectly suited to installation in restricted spaces – e.g. in control cabinets, fermenters or on ships.


MemoRail is purely a Plug & Measure device as it is immediately ready for measurement on connecting a pre-calibrated Memosens sensor.


With its simple configuration via DIP switches, MemoRail is set up only once for the measurement parameters and ranges. For precise adjustments to the application, a range of variants is available, including models with one or two analog current outputs. The unit can be supplied with 24V DC or 90-230 V AC power supply.


In combination with digital Memosens sensor, MemoRail enables the implementation of measurement stations with overall low cost.


Fast and user friendly software enables reproducible calibration of Memosens sensor in the laboratory. Calibration under adverse ambient conditions is no longer necessary.


For further information, please visit our website at: “MemoRail”

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