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A process variable or a process parameter is the current status of the process under control.  Few commonly  measured process variables are: pressure, temperature, level , humidity and flow. Measurement and indication of process variables are crucial in controlling a process.


Alvi Technologies presents high-precision Loop-powered Process Indicators that require no external power source and are perfectly suited to use under harsh conditions.


Our Digital Loop-powered Process Indicators from 830 series  are universally usable in current measurement circuits; switching(either 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA) is simply performed via the terminals. The measured value is displayed for a current as low as 0.3 mA!


The digital loop-powered indicator is freely configurable with universal range adjustments and selectable unit symbols. Settings is protected by password and parameters can be modified during operation.It is equipped with 4 digit display with large 23 mm digital numbers. It also offers a bar graph display for a quick overview. With IP65 protection the indicator can be supplied for a panel mount or a field mount version.


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