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ALVI Technologies offers a range of easy-to-use Level Measurement Solutions.


Float switches are extremely reliable and simple device to detect limit values in liquids. It is an ideal choice to be used in level measurement for water and wastewater storage tanks. The float switch is basically a ball-operated micro switch with potential-free change over contact. The tilting action of the float in the tank activates the switching process. The standard cable length is 1-2 metre. The other cable length can be supplied on request.


The immersion probe is another reliable and robust technology that offers solutions to level measurements.  Our TSR immersion probes are controlling devices with magnetically operated reed contacts for automatic control, regulation and signaling of liquid levels. The float is fitted with a permanent magnet and moves freely up and down the probe tube, activating the reed contacts as it rises and falls. Depending on the process medium, various options are available for float material.


We also offer electrode controls that are used for the automatic control of pumps or electromagnetic valves as well as overflow or run-dry protection in wells or tanks with conductive liquids. The liquid levels are monitored by electrodes which give switching commands to the electronic relay if they come into contact with the liquid.


We can provide a complete level measurement system with a level indicator to complete the process loop.


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