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Electrically conductive liquids are generally aqueous solutions of salts, acids or alkalis. Suitable for such conductive liquids, Jola Leckstar leak and spill detectors are designed to signal the presence of spilled water or acid from burst pipes or tank leaks. Our Jola range of products offers an optimum solution to leak detection for conductive liquid.


The conductive leakage detector of the Leckstar range consists of the combination of an electrode and an electrode relay. This combination detects the presence of an electrically conductive liquid at the electrodes, and an alarm signal is then generated.


Depending upon the application, following electrodes can be selected:

  • Plate Electrode: can be used for leakage detection in a pipe or duct
  • Rod Electrode: For leakage detection in the outer tube of a double-pipe system
  • Suspension electrode: leakage detection in the collection tub of a storage tank for water-polluting liquids
  • Cable Electrode: used on normally dry floors or false ceilings or in normally dry pipeline and cable ducts
  • ¬†Twin Electrode: for leakage detection inside the insulation of a heating or cooling pipe


The selected electrode is connected to Leckstar relay unit for alarm generation and warning of any acid/water spill or leakage. The relay unit comes with an optional cable break monitoring and can be installed in any switch cabinet.


For further information on our Jola range of leak detection solutions, please visit our website at: liquid spill detection

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