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Requirements for laboratories are constantly becoming stricter. On one hand, more and more results have to be obtained in shorter times and on other hand the measurement deviation should be minimum.  The results should be documented and be prepared for further processing and archiving on a PC.


Our 703 laboratory conductivity meter supports the user with elaborate and practical solutions in the laboratory applications.


With Its numerous safety functions and record printouts at keystroke, the 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter considerably simplifies the work for you. With a measurement ranges from 0.000 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm it it displays two measurement values simultaneously.


It is equipped with Sensoface that provides information

  •  For selection of 2-electrode sensors
  •  On too great a difference between reference and measuring temperature
  •  For handling of 4-electrode sensors
  • On clock memory loss
  • In case of irregular checking of measuring equipment
  • Optical display: good/average/poor


It comes with a standard RS 232 interface that allows your data to be immediately processed by a computer and also direct output to a printer is no problem! Records of the parameter setting and calibration can be output directly to a printer.


It comes with a double insulation that provides electrical safety in wet environment. A waterproof membrane keyboard and drain grooves protect the meter from moisture.. The robust enclosure with IP54 rating resists even strong mechanical stress.


703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter simplifies the user’s measuring tasks substantially.


For more information, please visit: 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter

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