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Knick Memosens technology reduces service & calibration time by upto 80%!


Knick Memosens features an inductive connection between the probe & cable. This connector is fully sealed & can be submerged in liquids.

It can be placed directly under a tap to wash & clean. Unlike a traditional VP6 or VP8 cable Knick Memosens does not have any exposed electrical contacts.


Knick Memosens technology also allows you to increase the distance between the analyser & probe. Traditionally with VP6 or VP8 cables this distance is limited to 10m or 15m as a maximum. With Knick Memosens this can be increased to a whopping 100m with absolutely no signal degradation!


Memosens probes also feature a micro-chip onboard, this stores critical probe information. Factors like, model number, serial number, last calibrated date, remaining probe life & more.


Knick Memosens was co-developed as a joint venture with Endres+Hauser. It is an open standard with Schott & Hamilton also members.


We have a full range of Memosens probes, suitable for all pH, Conductivity & Dissolved Oxygen applications.

Knick Memosens is guaranteed to save you time & money in the long run. Please contact us today!



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