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Jola Germany – Detect Floating Oil on top of a water tank is a great device for installation in waste water holding tanks. The unit can detect floating oil on top of a water tank at a minimum level of 3-4mm!


As most oils have a specific gravity of less than water, the oil rises to the surface. This oily layer floating on top is detected by the sensor and an alarm is generated past the 3-4mm level.


The four floats help the unit sit on the surface & bob up & down with the tank level automatically. The sensor doesn’t need to be fixed at a certain level, like some devices.

A special “ILS” version is also available for tanks which might be completely dry from time to time. Normally, a dry tank will activate the alarm. Various float materials are available including PP & stainless steel.


Also available with European ATEX certification for hazardous installations.


It’s a great device that meets the needs of Sydney Water & the local EPA regulations.


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