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In hydrostatic level measurement, the measuring cell of the sensor detects even the slightest change in hydrostatic pressure, which increases or decreases depending on the level. Hydrostatic level sensors are used in various applications in different industries like waste water treatment, food and Pharma.


ALVI Technologies presents hydrostatic level sensor NB10 designed to accurately measure the levels of liquids in wells, tanks, containers and wastewater systems. Key features of NB10 hydrostatic level sensors include various analog output to suit all BMC/PLC systems: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA over 3 wire or 2 wire connections, ability to measure water levels in tanks up to depth 250m, with extra cable connection to suit specific requirements. Special models are also available with overload protection (lightning arrester) and for explosive and hazardous locations.


For further information, please download our datasheet.

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