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ARD 170 is a high-quality immersion fitting for mobile measurements of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. During the design, particular attention was paid to the simple and flexible handling. It is a Submersible fitting with sinker for field measurement with Memosens sensors.

Permanent immersion of the fitting possible

The ARD 170 can be immersed permanently up to a maximum of 10 meters, ensuring safe measurement. The built-in diving weight prevents floating, and the fitting is additionally stabilized for use in light currents. The integrated protective cage for glass sensors and the resistant shaft material allow for use in harsh environments.

Light and compact design for mobile use

This High-quality immersion fitting was designed in such a way that simple and flexible handling is possible. Due to its low weight, it does not require a separate rope, but can be recovered using the cable. The Memosens plug-in head also enables easy replacement of the sensors. Combined with the Portavo portable measuring device, it creates a high-quality, safe measuring system.

Facts and Features
–– Submersible fitting with sinker
–– Ideal for field measurements with Memosens sensors and Portavo
–– Integrated probe guard
–– Easy to use
–– For Memosens sensors with Ø 12 mm, length 120 mm
–– Materials: PP-H or PP electrically conductive
–– Cable length: 3 m or 10 m
–– Cable design also with ATEX certificate
–– Connection:
• to Portavo via M12 connector or
• to transmitter with ferrules

ARD 170 enables measurements even in deep water

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