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Instrumentation Control Panels are designed to monitor and control various process parameters from the field instruments that are connected to it. They are used in various process plants including petrochemical, refineries, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, water wastewater, food & beverage etc. When choosing galvanic isolators for instrumentation control panels, here’s how we could assist achieving a better performance/price ratio.


Whenever power and signal are present in such Instrumentation control panels, the need arises for conversion of analog signals along with galvanic isolation. Even the simplest applications require accuracy by isolating signals coming and going from your control system. Alvi Technologies offers galvanic isolators that are used for measurement, control and conversion of: current, voltage, resistor, strain and temperature with guaranteed high precision and fast response times. Electrical disturbances can impact measurement results so proper isolation techniques must be used in control circuits and loops to ensure accurate readings. Our galvanic isolators provide three port isolation: between input, output and power. Accurate signal conditioning along with isolation increases performance and reduces cost of the overall control system. Using signal conditioning has its own advantage of having signals readily converted for processing by simple low cost logic controllers rather than a more complex and slower system of data acquisition and high end CPU processes. We can also provide “Universal Devices” that can be useful in reducing number of components purchased when varying or several different measurement tasks exist which can also result in increased savings.


While designing such control panels, space is always a constraint. The larger the signal conditioner the more space it takes up inside the control cabinet thereby generating increased costs in cabinet size. Alvi Technologies offers galvanic isolators with compact housing as low as 6 mm with DIN Rail mounting.


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