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Drilling Towers or “Drilling Rigs” as they are commonly referred to can be mobile equipment mounted on trucks, tracks or trailers, or more permanent land or marine-based structures commonly called offshore oil rigs. The term “Rig” therefore generally refers to the complex equipment that is used to penetrate the Earth’s surface. Drilling rigs can be used to find and produce Oil, Gas, Water, Minerals and even just for Scientific Exploration. The rig can obtain the power necessary to turn it’s auger and run its pumps and motors via Mechanical, Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic or even Steam power. The Rigs and Towers need sophisticated controls and equipment to control a complex arrangement of motors, pumps, and sensors all being used at the same time. Also depending on the material being drilled and what they are hoping to find they may require additional protection from explosions using safe signal transmission. Galvanic isolation of standard signals, Measurement of currents and voltages, Interface to the control system or SCADA are all areas where Alvi Technologies Signal isolators can be utilized.


One of the key demands on drilling rigs is to get accurate signal conversion by elimaniting ground loop, scaling of process variables, achieving a high potential separation and filtering out any noise.


Electrical isolation breaks the galvanic path between the input, output and the power supply. . The input is normally transferred to the output by converting it to an optical or magnetic signal then it is reconstructed on the output. By breaking the galvanic path between input and output, unwanted signals on the input line are prevented from passing through to the output. Isolation is also used to prevent ground loops.


Signal Isolators from Alvi Technologies enjoy a unique reputation for extreme durability, reliability and outstanding precision. Whether it’s the insulation level, transmission properties, ease of use or energy efficiency – Proline impresses in every respect and has got unrivalled quality.


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