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To start up a combustion in a coal power plant, fuel oil is required. The fuel oil required for this process is stored in a large storage tanks. Fuel oil pumps are used to pump the fuel oil from the tank to the burners. It is very important to maintain the fuel oil tank level for a day to day operations of power plants.


Our mercury free immersion probes are suitable for automatic control of fuel oil tank level. These immersion probe consist of a probe tube on which several floating switches are mounted and of a terminal box to which the floating switches are connected. The bottom floating switch falls together with the liquid to a minimum level and acts on the contactor coil winding when it falls below the horizontal. Liquid is then pumped into the tank. When the maximum level is reached, the top floating switch rises above the horizontal, the contactor holding circuit is interrupted and the filling process is stopped.


For a continuous power plant operation the fuel oil tanks must be maintained with a sufficient level of fuel at all times. Unavailability of fuel oil supply may result in interruptions of production process. On the other hand, the risk of tank overfills causes safety, environment and cost concerns. Our immersion probe nullifies the risk of tank overfills and maintains the fuel oil tank level at all times in the storage tanks for continuous availability of fuel oil supply.


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