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Have you been wondering how to monitor a fuel oil leak from a tank in a plant room? Our Jola series OWE2C offers a perfect solution  for fuel oil leak detection.


Conventional leak sensors pick up conductive liquids. However, leak detection of non-conductive fuel oil is required in many industrial applications. Being non-conductive , to sense and detect the presence of a leak is a special challenge.


Bund is often used as a part of spill containment system in most of the storage facilities in process industries. Bund helps to prevent the spread of accidental spills, which otherwise may have disastrous effect. Our Jola OWE2C detectors are placed under the tanks, or pipes or on the bund floor. For an effective and early detection, positioning the sensors at the right measurement point is quite important. Our Jola sensor has the capability of sensing and detecting the presence of fuel oil layer of about 2 to 3 ml! This Jola sensor can be supplied with the Jola Leckmaster 101 switching relay module to trigger the further corrective action. The various operating status on the switching module are shown by coloured LEDs.


Our Jola OWE2C offers the guaranteed method  for Fuel Oil Leak detection providing early detection of the spill/leakage.


For further information, please download our Datasheet.

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