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A 100% energy efficient process measurements is difficult to achieve, however studies indicate that a significant amount of energy is being wasted at industrial facilities and if appropriate measurements and actions are taken, all the energy resources can be used to improve process efficiency.


Global concerns around energy and the environments demands for process industries to implement energy management practice.


Process energy efficiency is quite complex to understand as there are several processes in operations and it is difficult to identify how exactly the energy is consumed and how it could be saved.In order to improve and optimize a plant’s energy use, process measurements must be made at points where it provides complete insight of what’s happening inside the process. When devices measuring temperature, pressure, flow and level are installed at appropriate locations, few conditions that need improvement can be identified. Few examples as listed below

  • Measuring differential pressure at pre-run and return during filter monitoring reduces pressure loss
  • Monitoring volume flow in thermal oil systems improves pump protection
  • Level monitoring in compensation tanks avoids system standstill


By taking measurements at critical points and making simple operational improvements, overall energy cost is reduced.


Measuring process efficiency is difficult, but critical measurement made by the right device at appropriate locations helps in planning and operation of energy generation unit.


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