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This blog highlights Din Rail Mounted Temperature transmitter from our BasicLine series – BL520.


Temperature is one of the most basic and important process variables used in process industry and temperature measurements are quite common in day-to-day applications. Temperature measurements are being made to get that information back to the controller in a timely manner, accurately and reliably. RTDs and Thermocouples are the most commonly used temperature sensors in industrial applications.


Temperature Transmitters provides a means of process control by providing a feedback regarding temperature during different processes.


Our DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters from BasicLine series BL520 converts RTD or a thermocouple signal to a 4-20 (0-20)mA or 0-10V output adapting them to the I/Os of PLCs and DCS. The 3-port isolation ( between input, output and power supply)  of Din Rail mounted temperature transmitter offers signal output without any interference. It offers high accuracy due to innovative circuit design. BL520 automatically recognizes the sensor connection (2,3- or 4-wire connection) and is equipped with calibrated switching without any potentiometer adjustments. It can be widely used in control panels with restricted space constraints as it comes in a compact housing of only 6 mm.


DIN Rail mounted transmitters can be grouped together for easy access and they are very easy to install.


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